FORGE event returning badly formatted data

EventHandler from event avi:jira:commented:issue returns wrong formatting in comment content.

How to replicate:
Create comment with: #čáčč
Event will return: #čáčč
(instead of correct content. :rage:)

I create comment with diacritics…

Method eventHandler for avi:jira:commented:issue

export async function eventHandler(EVENT, context) {...}

This is what EVENT will return …


This is big problem. Because decoding with decodeURI/component will not fix it and unescape is deprecated.


Thanks for the report @JanVilmek!

I’ve raised this with the Forge team and they are investigating. We will post an update here as soon as we have one.


Thank you @tpettersen,
As we were investigating the bug futher, we found out that this is not happening just to comments,
but to Summary aswell.

      "summary":"český testíšek",

And also with every issue which was created in no more than 10 hours ago, from now.
It is also showing in jira’s notification menu.

It is maybe more complex problem which is not just in the Forge.
Thank you for any info.

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This seems to be occurring with storage.set and storage.get as well - exact same behavior.

Thank you @JanVilmek for bringing this issue to our attention. This is related to an ongoing incident. We have posted a status update on our developer status page where you will be able to see the latest updates from the team on this issue. Atlassian Developer Status - Forge apps return corrupted data for non English characters for JIRA events


Hi All,
This incident has been resolved. Please refer to statuspage for details.
If your app is experiencing any issues that you believe are related to this incident, please raise an ECOHELP ticket.