Forge External Oauth2 inside a Forge Trigger

I have set up an external auth provider. It works fine on the jira:projectSettingsPage with the api.asUser()… and I am able to start the flow and requestCredentials successfully.

The issue I have is with using it in a Trigger, e.g. avi:jira:updated:issue. I want my trigger to fire when any ticket is updated, and my handler should do an authenticated request to an external service. My first obvious thing I noticed it I can’t do hasCredentials() and requestCredentials() inside a trigger handler, since there is no user to go through the flow… I

Ultimately I want the user to set up the Forge app, and then the app can communicate securely with the external api. I could securely store a token in the Forge storage api and use that, but I want to avoid that.
I saw some mention of using asApp instead of asUser, but I don’t see external auth provider being supported.


Hi @Coolsideofthepillow, and welcome to the Atlassian Developer Community!

The initial external auth implementation does indeed not support asApp() - please watch and vote for the following issue to raise Atlassian’s priority to address this significant limitation:


Ran into this issue recently. Subscribed to the FRGE ticket :pray:t4: