Forge for Bitbucket Cloud: Laying the foundation for infinite extensibility

Bitbucket Cloud is excited to announce the GA release of our integration with Atlassian’s Forge extensibility platform, marking a significant step forward in our journey to build an infinitely extensible code and CI/CD solution; a concept we’ve labelled the DevOps Automation Platform.

Forge is Atlassian’s cloud app development platform, allowing developers to host apps on infrastructure that is provisioned, managed, monitored, and scaled automatically by Atlassian. Forge provides a complete toolkit for extending Atlassian products.

For all the important info, including how to get started building apps for your Bitbucket Workspace, take a look at our announcement blog and the related changelog entry.


Hi @EdmundMunday ,
Will it be possible to list a paid Forge/Bitbucket app on the marketplace?


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