Forge install bitbucket app - Error: Insufficient permissions to install app

forge/cli version: 7.0.1

FORGE_EMAIL and FORGE_API_TOKEN environment variables are set and “forge whoami” shows I am logged in as the Bitbucket workspace admin.

Running “forge register”, “forge deploy” (to development/staging/production) all work but when running “forge install”, I receive an error “Authorization failed: Principal has insufficient permissions”. The error message suggests using an installation link but when that is attempted the “Select a site to install this app on:” drop down list is empty.

I tried using a fresh bitbucket-merge-check app created by “forge create” and I encountered the same issue.

Repeated all the same steps on my personal Bitbucket workspace and the app installed fine.

Any help would be appreciated.

Request ID: 2d377bfdbc1c4685b01e9799982752e8
Result: {
  "installApp": {
    "success": false,
    "taskId": null,
    "errors": [
        "message": "Authorization failed: Principal has insufficient permissions",
        "extensions": {
          "errorType": "PERMISSION_DENIED",
          "statusCode": 403

Hi @RobD,

Based on the what I can find in logs from your request id, the workspace you were trying to install the app into was a legacy personal workspace. As mentioned at the hello world tutorial install your apps section, Bitbucket Forge apps are not supported on personal workspaces. If you install an app to a personal workspace, you will get an insufficient permissions error. This error message is a bit confusing, we have a ticket on our backlog to make it clearer when the installation failure is due to legacy personal workspace vs installer actually missing workspace admin permission.

Personal workspace in this context refers to legacy non-shared/team workspaces that used to be automatically created for a user when they sign up to Bitbucket but this no longer occurs. For more details see this page.

To resolve the issue, please create a new shared workspace then install the app there.


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