Forge install issue

Trying to understand how the forge platform works. I am trying out the forge-dictionary example an got to the step where I run forge install. It requests for some domain I wasn’t given and not in the documentation. After some search I see something about admin @ and I registered a new organization. I am trying the organization name as the subdomain and it’s not working.

If you have any step-by-step tutorial of how to actually use the platform, I will appreciate it. I am also looking for a teammate. If you are familiar with the Atlassian platform and would like to work on the codegeist hackathon, come aboard. Knowledge about vector embedding and database will be nice.

Hey Adebayo,

My partner and I also had some installation issues when we first started. Sounds like you are building something similar to the idea we have.

If you’d like to join us, any help would be greatly appreciated. Maybe we can help you figure out your problems with forge)

My email:



If you check out the Set up a test site section of Forge’s getting started guide which tells you how to set up a test site.

You can then install your app on that test site.


Hello Adam, thanks for the assist.

I was following along with this tutorial on YouTube, I can’t locate the app from spaces as shown in the tutorial.

I mean I can locate the spaces section but not the Forge Countries Macro app

If you check your Manage Apps page (Apps > Manage Apps) has your app been installed?

Yes, it seems. But I can’t interact with the app as shown in the video.

I finally found what the doc meant. And I am a bit embarrassed.

It’s really discouraging that I need to make this much effort just to create a hello world app. The documentation below is more of a side note and doesn’t convey the info it intends.

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