Forge install --upgrade does not recognize all changes in manifest module


In my case I use the jira dashboard gadget module. When change the title of the title property of the module I need to uninstall and then reinstall the app, because using the --upgrade flag tells me the app is up to date.

Tried also just deploying, also does not work - as it shouldn’t if I understand the difference between install and deploy right.

Is this a shortcoming of forge install, and if yes, could this be changed?


Hi @DanielKleissl
deploy will deploy the current changes of your app to be hosted and consumed by our products.
install will install the latest deployed version onto an Atlassian product. Running it with the --upgrade flags are for updating your app with new permission scopes.

You generally will only need to run install once and then any new changes can be updated via deploy as the product will fetch the latest version of your deployed app when loading. To update the title, you will only need to run deploy - however currently title changes for the DashboardGadget aren’t being fetched immediately by the product. You will see the title update after running deploy within about 10 minutes. If you need the title updated immediately, then you’ll have to reinstall.

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Thanks for the reply. That the title is not updated immediately is some good information, I did not know that.