Forge JSM modules not visible for customers in Portal page

I am testing out jiraServiceManagement:portalSubheader Forge module and I see that the module is visible on the Portal page when accessing as a Jira user … However when I log in as a customer ( Portal only access) the module does not load up.

For quick testing, I used the template - jira-service-management-portal-subheader-custom-ui

As a Developer I expect the forge JSM modules to load for customer login as well ( Portal only access)
Can you please clarify if its a bug?


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This notable limitation has been mentioned in the announcement and the accompanying developer blog Get Started with Forge for Jira Service Management - Atlassian Developer Blog :

As of this release, portal users must have an Atlassian ID in order to create service desk requests via Forge apps. We are currently in development to allow ticket creation by anonymous users. Watch the roadmap for updates

Unfortunately this is not mentioned in the documentation of the Jira Service Management modules, would be great to get that prominently added there (and ideally on each affected module) so that it does not have to be discovered the hard way by everyone.

  • While the Atlassian ID requirement also applies to all other Forge modules, the JSM modus operandi makes it more reasonable to assume that this should work. Of course, this limitation should likewise be mentioned within Platform quotas and limits at least.