Forge <Link> elements not getting href in production environment, fine in development

My Confluence macro generates a set of hyperlinks to related pages. In my dev environment, the link get the correct href and work as desired.

        <Text><Link appearance="link" href={`/wiki${entry.details._links.webui}`}>{entry.details.title}` LINK: {entry.details._links.webui} </Link></Text>

When I deployed to prod, I noticed that the links go to about:blank. I’ve added the link location to the displayed text as a debugging step. That text appears, but the link isn’t using it.

Any ideas what this might be or hunches about where to investigate next?

This seems to be an issue with relative paths in my prod environment. The links work if I hard code the space URL into my links.

I’ll continue in this discussion: Confluence macro in Forge UI kit - best way to calculate URLs to other items