Forge Logging guidelines / Log levels?

I know from Confluence Server that there are logging guidelines.

Are there any logging guidelines for Forge?
Is there a possibility for admins to influence the log levels of apps?


Hi Franz,

Thank you for your questions.

To answer your first question, the debugging page in Forge Documentation provides similar information to that found in the Confluence Server guidelines. We are currently exploring the possibility of providing further logging guidelines for Forge. Is there anything specific you expect to be included in the Forge logging guidelines?

In the current iteration of access to production logs which is in progress, admins do not influence the log levels of apps. Admins will be required to download log files and then send them to the developer. Can you please provide further details about the use cases when you would require admins to influence log level?

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Aditi Venkatesh


Hi @AditiVenkatesh ,
thanks for your reply!

I think the debugging page is a good starting point.

Log Levels (in Server environment), used as template

  • DEBUG Fine-grained information about what is going on within the system.
  • INFO Announcements about the normal operation of the system - scheduled jobs running, services starting and stopping, significant user-triggered processes
  • WARN Any condition that, while not an error in itself, may indicate that the system is running sub-optimally
  • ERROR A condition that indicates something has gone wrong with the system

Regarding handling log levels I have in mind:

  • The current log level can be accessed by the module
  • There is a default level
  • The log level for each app ( or even module of an app) can be changed by the admin

So one can make sure to get a appropriate output!


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Thank you for your response @FranzBinder!

The details provided about handling log levels is very valuable. We are in the midst of exploring potential improvements for the log access flow mentioned in my previous reply and will take these uses cases into consideration.

Kind Regards,

Aditi Venkatesh