Forge login Error

I trust everyone is doing well, good people I am struggling with the following I am trying to login using the following forge command i.e forge login and it gives me the following error any one who might have an idea

Hi @BonganiGumede

I assume you’re walking through the steps in the Forge Getting Started tutorial based on the tags for this post. Getting started

Can you walk me through (without the actual login credentials obviously) so I can better understand what you’ve done to this point?


Hi @rwhitebeck
I trust you are doing well, yes I am following the guide that is on the website documentation
what I have done so far 1.I have done the local setup all the way from installing forge and Docker as well then I am struggling to login on Forge I have checked with the InfoSec guys who deals with the network to check there is no firewall block they did not find any thing.

Thanks, I am doing well.

For these steps from the tutorial can you walk me through what you’re putting in them?

Log in to the Forge CLI to start using Forge commands.

  1. Start the process by running:


forge login

Note: The CLI uses the macOS keychain to securely store your login details. If you see a prompt for keychain access when running a command, approve it to allow the CLI to run the command. On Linux you’ll need gnome-keyring installed to perform this step.
2. Enter the email address associated with your Atlassian account.
3. Enter your Atlassian API token. You copied this to the clipboard in step 5.

Just looking to see if you used the Atlassian account email and an API key from that account in steps 2 and 3 here.

Hi rwhitebeck,
I trust you are doing well, I am following exactly as you said

  1. I run this command to login to forge (Forge Login)
  2. I put the email which is associated with my Atlassian account (
  3. I entered the Token I have created from this link Atlassian account.