Forge Macro - get macro body

Hello guys. I have been trying to work on an app providing a macro functionality for some time in the Forge platform and can feel it is still limited in the area of macros.

Now I am trying to get the macro body through the rest api endpoint like this - based on the information I get from the “get content” endpoint.

  id: 70778939,
  version: {
    number: 1,
    message: '',
    minorEdit: false,
    createdAt: '2023-03-17T11:34:32.584Z'
  parentIdString: '71041041',
  idString: '70778939',
  spaceIdString: '33030',
  title: 'Hello',
  status: 'CURRENT',
  body: {
    atlas_doc_format: {
      value: '{"type":"doc","content":[{"type":"paragraph","content":[{"type":"inlineExtension","attrs":{"extensionType":"com.atlassian.ecosystem","extensionKey":"e6b0f129-11da-48b1-a888-a0c830c25bfd/70d79a7c-01d4-4bfb-b741-dcbe3956f00f/static/macro-automatic-labels","text":"macro-test (Development)","parameters":{"localId":"e3087929-2c72-4613-b25d-6c68d0a53908","extensionId":"ari:cloud:ecosystem::extension/e6b0f129-11da-48b1-a888-a0c830c25bfd/70d79a7c-01d4-4bfb-b741-dcbe3956f00f/static/macro-automatic-labels","extensionTitle":"macro-test (Development)"},"localId":"973a5563-4ded-4d31-bfa5-72f68e882348"}}]}],"version":1}',
      representation: 'ATLAS_DOC_FORMAT'
  parentId: 71041041,
  spaceId: 33030,
  createdAt: '2023-03-17T11:34:23.006Z'

But it still returns it could not findy any macro on the particular page. Am I missing anything? Let’s say the macro is supposed to just display one of few statuses (depending on its config) and I would like to have the ability to see (through rest) for the particular page the particular status provided by the macro. Is there any other way how to achieve it? Thank you for your time.

I managed to do it with the MacroConfig - when some value is set there - it is shown in the page content :slight_smile: