Forge mail handler not working

Hi, I’m trying to use the mail handler feature of Forge to create issues for certain incoming mails, however my mail handler doesn’t trigger at all and when I use the test button inside the set-up screen I get the following error:

com.sun.mail.util.MailConnectException: Couldn’t connect to host, port:,
993; timeout 0;
Using SOCKS host, port:,
1080 while connecting to host ‘’ as user ‘[redacted]
via protocol 'imap, caused by: SOCKS: Host unreachable

I already verified that the log-in credentials are correct. What could be the problem here?

Hi @MaxGroe ,

Can you please share the code you’re using in your Forge app to handle email?

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I resolved the issue with the help of customer support. Sorry for not closing this ticket earlier.

@mventnor I think this ticket can be deleted as it doesn’t provide help for other people and was very specific to my situation.

The error was incorrect configuration on my part. I input a wrong Email server address for the Google mail servers.