Forge or atlassian connect

Hello, I’m interested in creating a Jira Software app using either Forge or Atlassian Connect. While working with Forge to set up an initial project, I noticed that it’s required to select a template to begin with. However, I prefer to start from a blank slate since my app will encompass multiple functionalities. Additionally, I’d like the freedom to choose the architecture and UI implementation, whether it’s Java (Spring) or Node.js on the backend, and React or any other frontend framework. Could you please provide further guidance and information on how to proceed?"

@MohamedNajah When using the Forge CLI it will indeed provide initial starting templates that you can use as a starting point, but these are optional and you don’t need to use them if you have to, as matter of fact you by selecting “view all” there is an option to select an blank app that you can create and customise from scratch.
For a custom frontend Forge provides custom ui which allows to create your custom frontend that you can build in React or any other framework/library of your choice

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thank you, now i created the blank project but how can I develop backend and frontend components that adhere to Jira’s guidelines within the blank project I’ve created?"

If by “frontend components that adhere to Jira’s guidelines” you mean components that looks and feel similar to Atlassian UI there is the Atlassian design system components that follows the Atlassian UI design system

I am not sure what you mean for the backend.

i meant can I generate a React app for the frontend and create a separate folder to handle the backend, including models and additional treatment for Jira’s API?

Yes definitely, basically by default your initial forge setup will be the backend part of the app and you can connect a frontend to it.
For example in the root folder out of the src folder you can put your frontend setup that is configured as resource in the manifest.yml and everything else in the src folder will be your backend

check the tutorial about custom ui