Forge plugin placement next to issue field tab

Hello everyone,

I want place the plugin development by Forge next to field tab of issue.

Do anyone have solution now ?

:wave: It is a bit tough to figure out what you are trying to do.

I’d recommend giving the following post a read to make sure your future posts get more: :eyes: How To Ask A Good Question ❓

Can you link to documentation for what you’ve already explored? Do you have any rough screenshots that demonstrate what you’re trying to do?

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Now I am using company’s laptop, upload image is denied.

I explored UI kit component Jira UI kit components (

I mean I want place plugin in screen tab of issue. I don’t see option in the document.

I don’t understand what “screen tab of issue” means. If you want to add a button next to the ones displayed at the top of an issue (create substask, link issue, etc.), you can refer to the list of Modules in manifest (, in particular Jira Custom Field.

If you want a custom component to be displayed like the default Summary or Description fields, you are looking for Jira Custom Field Type.

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