Forge pricing update: free through 2023

Good news, everyone!

Kickstart your Forge journey with free usage

We’re excited to kickstart the Forge journey by extending free use of the Forge platform through 2023. We know the value that apps bring to our customers, and want to support our developer ecosystem in getting started with Forge, whether the app is for your organization, your customers, or for the Atlassian Marketplace. We’re excited for the impact this will have on our developer and Marketplace Partner community as we help transition our app Marketplace to cloud over the coming years.

Atlassian Marketplace revenue share agreement

First and foremost, any Forge apps published on the Atlassian Marketplace will be treated the same as other cloud apps in the current Atlassian Marketplace revenue share agreement. App developers will earn 95% of the gross revenue of all sales made within the first year for new cloud apps, and 85% thereafter. Full details can be found on the Marketplace pricing, payment, and billing page and are subject to change as outlined.

Free use of Forge through 2023

Using Forge is free of charge, up to the platform quotas or limits, through 2023. Function as a Service (FaaS) and storage quotas scale with your app’s install base, on a per app basis. The larger the install base (number of seats), the higher the FaaS and storage quotas will be. Resource update quotas are applied on a per app basis.

We will reach out for an individual conversation if your app is at risk of consistently exceeding the quotas. You can also reach out to us via the Developer Support service desk.

These guidelines apply until the end of December 2023.

A full explanation and examples of these quotas in action can be found on the Forge platform quotas and limits page, and we’ve listed out some anticipated FAQs below.


How will the quotas be enforced?

We have an ongoing project to surface usage metrics to developers. In the meantime, we are monitoring internally and will individually reach out to the developers of apps we believe are at risk of nearing the quotas.

Will the quotas change before December 2023?

During the next year, we expect to obtain better data regarding Forge app usage. Our intention is to increase the quotas, if possible.

What happens if I need to go over the quotas?

We will not cut off apps unexpectedly if they exceed a quota. Our goal is to make sure we have reasonable quotas in place to prevent run-away platform costs, and encourage app developers to consider the scale and performance aspects of apps. As a last resort only, and if there is consistent need to go over the quotas, we would pass on the incremental cost over and above the quota.

In the event your app does consistently approach the quota limits, we will reach out to discuss next steps with you.

FaaS and Storage: we have modeled these quotas based on activity levels of customers with apps. We expect very few apps will need to go over the quotas in the short-term.

Resource Updates: We will never prevent a deployment in the case of a bug fix or other requirement affecting the efficacy of the app. Please submit a ticket in the Developer Support service desk in such a situation.

What happens after December 2023?

In the spirit of Atlassian’s OCNB value , we still need more data on Forge app usage to determine a long-term economic model. Our preference is to keep Forge as free as we can: we see its primary value in improving Atlassian products to better serve every customer. In any case, we will always remain competitive against the platform costs and benefits of cloud providers. We will share an update on the long-term plan by September 2022 at the latest, though we endeavor to do so significantly earlier if possible.

I have more questions about these quotas, who can I talk to?

Make sure you’ve taken a look at our example scenarios on this page first. Please reach out via the Developer Support service desk if you still have questions.


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