Forge quota and limits


I’m developing an app using Forge and Custom UI and I came across this document.

It’s not that clear and I have several questions and things I need to verify before I proceed:

  1. What is a seat? Is it a single user that uses the app?

  2. The total amount of invocations and Runtime are calculated per seat and per app? Or the total amount of seats we have in the app? For example, if we have 100 customers and each customer has 5 seats, the total amount of seats is 500. So, this means that we calculate the invocations and runtime according to a 500 seat app? Or each customer has a separate count?

  3. Is there a limitation for each user/seat? For example, 100 seats in the app are 1000 invocations for a seat. Is it just an average? Can a single user exceed 1000 invocations? If some users are not active, others can “use” their invocations and runtime?

  4. What will happen when we exceed these limits? Can it be scaled? How will it affect the users?


Hi @amityahav could you solve your questions?

It would be interesting for us to know too

Hi @FranciscoGomezBalast,

Unfortunately, I didn’t get answers to these questions.
Therefore, I had to implement an external service and communicate it through the client. That way, I’m not using Forge’s FaaS and I don’t have to worry about exceeding any limitations.

If you can, I think it’s better to use Connect. Forge isn’t mature enough and has to improve a lot more.