Forge remote not receiving some bitbucket events

Hello :grinning:

I’m creating a forge application to product events from Bitbucket, and I’m not receiving somet events.

  • avi:bitbucket:pushed:repository

    • Not receiving this event when I have a branch and run the git push, also did not received commiting directly to master.
      Something I noticed is that when I have a pull request opened to a branch I receive the event of avi:bitbucket:updated:pullrequest after run the git push
  • avi:bitbucket:approved:pullrequest

    • Not receiving this event when clicking directly in the top button “Approve” nor when commenting clicking in “Start review” then “Finish review” and selects “Approve”.

I didn’t see any try on forge app logs on Developer console trying to send the event to my backend.

Any ideas? do we have some issue related to those events?