Forge scheduled triggers have been upgraded

Hello everyone,

The new and improved scheduled triggers are here and available for everyone to use.

What has changed?

:tada: We’ve removed the 100 installation limit for scheduled triggers. For more info you can check Platform quotas and limits.

:tada: Improved the granularity for trigger schedules. You’re able to create hourly, daily, and weekly triggers.

:tada: With the improvements you’re able to use scheduled triggers to implement the GDPR flow on Forge.

Things to note

  • Apps can declare up to 5 scheduled triggers in the manifest.yml file.
  • Triggers are distributed within the specified interval, each site uses a consistent schedule.
    For example, an hourly trigger may be first invoked at 01:10 for installation A, while installation B is invoked at 01:20. The next invocations will follow at 02:10 for installation A, and 02:20 for installation B.
  • There is a small chance of duplicated invocations, your app should expect at least one invocation.

What if my app is already using scheduled triggers?

  • The older version of scheduled triggers has been deprecated and will stop working from 13/06/2021.
  • Redeploy your apps to upgrade to the latest version of scheduled triggers. The new scheduled triggers went live on May 4th so any redeployment since then would’ve updated the triggers used in your apps. Note, there is no feedback in the Forge CLI regarding this underlying version change.

Updated Documents

Modules - Scheduled Triggers

User privacy guide for Forge app developers

Extending your app with a scheduled trigger

Platform quotas and limits


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