Forge Secrets Manager?

Continuing the discussion from 07 Sep 2021 - Forge CLI version 2.0.1 and Secure Storage API:

@amathur, can you elaborate on what you are planning and when it might be available?

I am asking because we are looking into options such as using AWS Secrets Manager to store and automatically rotate secrets.

Is this something you plan on providing as part of the Forge platform?



Hey @bjornbrynjar, Thanks for posting the topic. I am getting help internally from the team who owns storage API to answer this. :slight_smile:


Hi @amathur, any news about this topic from the internal team?

Maybe you can @ them here so that you don’t need to follow up on this :wink:

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Hey @LuizAnjos @SushantBista , Can you please help answer this. :slight_smile:

Hi @bjornbrynjar, sorry for the delayed response.

We are looking into providing additional capabilities to the Forge hosted secret storage such as secret rotations, increased limits and multi-region support. However these are currently in our longer term roadmap.

It would be great to better understand your use-cases and must-have requirements for secret storage so we can prioritise the features accordingly. I can open a new feature request on the Public Forge Jira Board (which other Partner’s / developers can vote up) or I can setup a call to discuss in more detail. Let me know what works best for you. :slight_smile:


@SushantBista, sure I can hop on a call with you no problem.

I am available at: Calendly - Björn Brynjar Jónsson

Let me know if you are on a timezone that doesn’t work for you. So we can fix that :wink: