Forge seems to be offline (broken authentication flow)

The permission handshake every forge app requires before calling a Jira/Confluence Api seems to be broken.

  • Our customers currently can not use our marketplace app.
  • We can not continue our development process.
  • Users which have once have allowed access can still use the app

Clicking “Allow access”
leads to a 400 error on a Url.

This is bad. Is it somehow related to the current incident reported on ?

Please help.

Edit: Also raised DEVHELP-6030 as this prevents new customers from using our app.
Edit - 2: This is reproducible with a minimal set-up with Forge template “jira-project-page-custom-ui” where a call to a Jira api via requestJira from “@forge/bridge” happens

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We’re seeing almost the same behaviour. We’re seeing it hanging on . After a try or two we get through though.

@JulianWolf can you post this over in the #marketplace-partners:critical-cloud-incident area?


Totally forgot that this topics exists. Thank you. I’ve created a topic over there as well.

Thanks for reporting this @JulianWolf - the team is investigating now and thank you @danielwester, best place for any incidents is marketplace-partners:critical-cloud-incident :+1:

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