Forge Storage API limit of 32kb per value has been increased?

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when working with Storage API we sometimes have to build workarounds when it’s about to persist large configuration objects. The documentation states that there is a limit of 32kb per value. Is this really correct? When saving a large string hitting this limit the following error is thrown:

 Content for key "test" was 200005 characters, but should be at most 131072 characters

A limit of 131072 characters should mean that there is a limit of about 130kb per value instead of the documented 32kb (assuming 8 bit per character).

In fact the Storage API works fine when saving payloads over 32kb.

Has the limit of 32kb been increased and should Atlassian update the docs accordingly?
Is it safe to persist data over 32kb?



Hi @JulianWolf I’m Sushant, a PM in the Ecosystem team looking at storage and platform limits.

Yes, the value size limit has been increased to 128KB. This is part of the recent changes that we are implementing. We are finalising the release (including update of the documentation) and will make an official announcement of the changes soon. Thanks.


Thank you @SushantBista for the quick response. That’s great news as it will allow us to set limits in our apps more generously.



Thanks @JulianWolf. The offical announcement on increased limits/quotas is here. It also includes details of the other limits/quotas that were recently increased. It would be great to understand in the poll/comments in that post if/how this has addressed some of the issues faced by your apps. Any feedback is welcomed. Thanks! :slight_smile:

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