Forge Storage API limitation

I am using forge storage API and in forge storage API contain lots of limits. so in documentation given

that storage API has 4MB limits per seat then what is actually seat here ?
My assumption is that per seat means when user create one site in JIRA cloud and install plugin than it has one seat so I have tried that storage capacity is actually there or not but unfortunately when storage is above 4MB still there is no error and for weekly limitation then also there is no error
so My question
is any limitation there in storage API if ‘yes’ then in what’s basis limitation(please clear one’s what seat is exactly)

1 seat = 1 jira user in one instance.
So if your app is installed in 2 instance - one with 25 users and the other one has 41 - then you have 66 seats.


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@danielwester suppose in my organization one instance is there and in that instance I am only user then I got 4MB storage right??

In that case you would fall in the <100 users bucket and have 400MB (if it was a free app). If you had 101 users - then you’d have 404 MB (again if it’s a free app).


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@danielwester so as per you I get 400MB if I am only user in one jira instance (free instance)
so I have try to check that limitation

let i = await storage.get(‘key’)
i = 0
let j = i

        await storage.set(`${i}`,[135KB data])

await storage.set(‘key’,i)

so i have run that code 150 time
so total storage 150 X 50 X 135KB = 1012.5MB
but still it not showing any limitation error
can you conform is limitation there or not ??

I think the limit right is “soft” so if you exceed it and Atlassian notices - then they’ll contact you. Not sure - you’re probably best asking Atlassian on how it all works.