Forge support for Data Center

When can expect Forge for Atlassian Data Center or even server?

Hi @JIRAAdmins,

This is just my personal opinion, but I think it’s highly unlikely that Forge will become available on Server or Data Center. Server has been announced EOL so it’s basically 100% sure to not get support for a platform like this anymore.

Also, Forge is a Cloud platform. It is meant to make building apps on Cloud really easy, thereby making Cloud more attractive over Server and Data Center. While there would also be several really hard technical problems to solve to make this even possible, Atlassian simply has no strategic interest in bringing Forge to Server/DC if you ask me. So, I would be extremely surprised if this were to happen at some point.


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Thanks Sven.
On a different note, my future concern is if DC will be dropped as a supported platform and we will be forced to move to Cloud
The current server EOL support has thrown a spanner in the works for us and we have a huge task ahead to migrate to DC. The irony is that we don’t even need DC - at least not at the moment. So I have a nagging feeling that DC might be dropped eventually as well in preference to Cloud :frowning:
Anyway Sven, thanks for your input!

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I think your feeling about this could be right. But considering that Server EOL is still 3+ years in the future, a potential Data Center EOL data would probably be at least 5+ years in the future then, which leaves plenty of time to either find an alternative or get ready to migrate to the Atlassian Cloud. Also, Cloud will surely have matured by then and might fit your needs by that point (if it doesn’t already today).

Hope not before 10+yrs :slight_smile: