Forge Trigger only works on some projects

I have a view trigger on my forge app but it works on some projects and does not work on some projects. No error in the console shown. It simply does not trigger on some projects.

Here is the video record: trigger bug - YouTube

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Hi @OdinSon,

Can you please confirm if the project you are unable to receive events from has any restrictions on it? Currently, Forge apps are only able to access events from Jira projects or Confluence spaces that are accessible by the default user group.
If not, can you please share the site name, project name and a rough timestamp so that I can take a look at the logs in the backend to see if anything else may be causing this?

Kind regards,

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Adding default user group to project has solved my problem but this is still something that needs to be fixed I guess. I dont want to add that group to my secret project

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