Forge trigger when creating or editing a sprint

Is it possible to be informed via a forge trigger when a sprint has been created or edited?

Unfortunately, I have not yet found anything suitable in this list:

Hello @StefanWienstrer,

Yes, you are correct, based on the docs, it is currently not yet available for Forge. However, if this is something you like to pursue, one of the workaround you can do is to catch the sprint created or completed event (sprint edited is not yet supported) by using Jira automation. If you need to do the action using Forge, you can create a webtrigger and invoke that in the Jira automation rule by creating a Send web request action.

You may refer to this community article I wrote which shows a step-by-step guide for a similar use case i.e., catching a sprint event and triggering a Forge app/automation.

Let us know if this is helpful.



Thank you very much, I think I can solve it that way.

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