Forge Tunnel exits immediately without error

I am starting to work through the Forge Tutorial. I can deploy and install my app, but when I start Forge Tunnel, it exits immediately. I have tried using the --verbose flag without any additional information.

I just get the following:

[root@localhost hello-world-app]# forge tunnel
Tunnel redirects requests you make to your local machine. This occurs for any Atlassian site where your app is installed in the development environment. You will not see requests from other users.
Press Ctrl+C to cancel.

Checking Docker image... 100%
Your Docker image is up to date.
Rerunning the command with --verbose may give more details.

What am I doing wrong?


I have the exact same problem, trying to run the tunnel on an Intel-mac using Podman.
Pulling images and starting containers using the docker cli seems to work just fine.

Did you manage to find a solution @derek.fields?

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@CPS No, I have not found a solution. I am disappointed by the lack of support here.

@derek.fields It seems I got it working now, after I switched to using official Docker Desktop distribution instead of Podman or minikube.

It still would be nice to get some log output when forge tunnel is failing. Maybe then I could trace what is going wrong or even make it work with Podman.

EDIT: It also works with Rancher Desktop for me now.

@CPS In my case, I am trying to run it on CentOS 7. Thanks for the tip about Docker. I will look into it some more.