Forge tunnel issue

I am running the following command to set the path of ngrok:

forge settings set ngrok-config-path /Users/tgarg016/Library/Application Support/ngrok/ngrok.yml

However, its showing me the error:

Error: ’settings set ngrok-config-path’ is not a Forge command.

What is this cause and how to resolve this


Check to make sure forge --version is 10.1.0. More likely, the problem is the space in the path without quotes. Here’s my trick for wiring up configuration (note the double quotes to keep the path together):

I did with quotes and it successfullygot set.

On running forge tunnel now, its giving following error:

Error: Failed to start tunnel, could not establish a connection. Ngrok error: context canceled

Hi @TejasviGarg

This error usually means that ngrok is cancelling the creation of the tunnel due to some validation error on their side. Do you mind running the tunnel in verbose mode forge tunnel --verbose to see some extra information about what exactly ngrok is complaining about?

On a side note, we are pleased to announce that we are moving the Forge tunnel functionality over Cloudflare tunnels instead of ngrok. The rollout is in progress and should be fully rolled out by the end of the week. See the announcement here

Just make sure you are using the latest version of the Forge CLI to be able to be opted in automatically!

Once using the Cloudflare tunnel, those cryptic errors should be gone and the tunnel experience should be much more stable.