Forge tunnel - return error always after invoke

Hello everyone

I’ve problem with tunneling with option debugging. When I can try debbuging my code, I always see it:

After this error:

I tried remove all packages from my app
I tried reinstall all packages

I even tried debugging the code on the frontend side, and noticed that this happens when I try to debug in index.js in the src/index.js folder where the resolvers are, I’m using Custom UI. When I call a specific invoke in the frontend, where the resolver at the backend has the debugger set:

I’m trying to debug the code to display the console in the browser and look at the individual values to see if my API is working well, I have absolutely no way of doing this because every time I do anything I get this error.

What else can I do ?

I am using:

Node v18.5.0
Docker Desktop 4.24.0
System Windows 11

any help ?