Forge TypeScript monorepo like setup

I am trying to create a monorepo-like setup for my Forge project, that has a shared lib of types between my src folder (resolver) and my static resource (a Create React App client). Therefore I could create a typed connection between my resolvers and invokes without the need to duplicate these types, avoiding my types not being in sync.

I was wondering whether some of you have come up with a solution for this.

I am currently experimenting with a lib private package, which I install via Yarn and kind of link them to my client and my src, but forge failed to include it in the bundle, and could not transpile it because it did not find the lib folder outside src. The client builds without any problem as far as I know.

I am missing an example for this kind of use case.

You may have a look at this: GitHub - GerroDen/forge-sandbox: A sandbox to try out a development pipeline with Atlassian forge.

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Thanks, this is awesome source!

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