Forge UI - Button with Link?

With Forge UI kit components I’d like to place a button with a link. e.g. <Button text="Sample subtle-link" appearance="subtle-link" />

But it seems it is not possible:

  • Button doesn’t accept links. (despite there is a prop “appearance=link”)
    With onClick={} I wasn’t available to jump to another page.
  • Links are available only as “formatting option” in the Text component.

Did I miss something?
Probably I have to use Custom UI :frowning_face:
IMHO a Button with Link option should be possible in Forge UI. Like it is available at Atlassian Design (see option href)

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Hi @FranzBinder,

I tested the ability to create a button with a subtle-link appearance and it worked. It was styled as a subtle link and my onClick() event handler was invoked when I clicked on the link.

Note that despite being able to make a Button look like a link, they are different. Links are for navigating between locations and buttons are for triggering/handling events.


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We are missing this functionality as well and have created FRGE-225 - Allow Button working as Link (or Link styled as Button) as a suggestion/request for it.

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Thanks @dmorrow for your swift test!

Sure, the button itself worked with all the different appeance-options.
I was wondering why there is no href option.

How could I do this using onClick={...} ? I would be curious to know to know how this works.:pray:

I agree as well that buttons are mostly used for triggering actions. But partly also for navigation.
Atlassian uses this as well:

Hi @FranzBinder,

I don’t know of a technical reason why the Button component couldn’t be enhanced to support a href attribute. It is possibly just a feature gap that hasn’t been prioritised yet. Would you be able to add a comment to FRGE-105 explaining the need for this and why creating a regular link using the Text component is insufficient.



Thanks @dmorrow,



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Hi @FranzBinder, thanks for the feedback. We have navigation with handlers (such as Button’s onClick) planned for upcoming work.


Hi @nhur , @dmorrow ,
are there any news regarding this topic?


Hi @FranzBinder, we’re working on rolling out this navigation to Custom UI and discussed unifying this with UI Kit, but we haven’t started any work there.

Thanks @nhur !
From my point of view it not necessary to have a common solution for Forge UI and Custom UI (router…).
For Forge UI it can be a simple href option.

I hope the work can start soon :pray: !
For such small things Forge UI is much better and the end user has not that bad experience with large areas (viewport size topic).

@FranzBinder Thanks for your feedback and patience — we should be rolling out an href option soon. It is a small change but I think we were trying to think about routing more.