Forge UI KIT 2 GA Release Timeline

Hi All ,
We are working on a Jira plugin based on UI KIT 2. As I understand, currently UI KIT 2 is in preview state. Please can someone from Atlassian confirm when the GA release would be available?


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Yeah I’d like to know too. The latest v10 has so many unnecessary breaking changes.

I get that it’s a “preview” release, but the breaking changes this far in suggest a very unstable UI Kit 2 despite it being used as the default library in the docs and hello world tutorials. Align it to ADS before releasing it into the wild. Get your naming conventions sorted before public release.

Would be nice to know with certainty that UI Kit 2 is the last of the now four incompatible Atlassian UI component libraries, and not merely the latest of a future with five incompatible Atlassian UI component libraries. What a sentence.

And from my experience, UI Kit 1 has clearly been abandoned because it’s no longer compatible with the latest Forge CLI and other packages. Multiple errors, and various bugs in production that Atlassian dev support can’t explain other than to tell me to upgrade all packages and migrate to UI Kit 2.

So your options are to stay with broken apps on UI Kit 1, or migrate to UI Kit 2 which is so unstable that they decide to make frivolous changes to prop naming conventions 10 versions in.

And if you’re going to do Custom UI you’re ALWAYS better off using Connect because it doesn’t have a million limitations slowing you down.


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Hi all,

In the last preview release, we have spent time updating and aligning APIs and naming conventions to the most recent Atlassian Design System (ADS) in preparation for GA. You should not see the same level of changes on GA releases.

Hoping to share an announcement of the GA shortly.

James Dumay
Group Product Manager


Hi all,

Our GA release is now available! You can find the announcement here.