Forge UI KIT: IssuePanel Is there anyway to limit to specific selected issue types

Is there anyway to limit the IssuePanel to specific issue types currently thinking of an if statement inside the index.jsx however is there a better way than this

Welcome to Atlassian Developer Community, @BrandonWilliams !

You can use display conditions to limit the issue panel to specific issue types, among other properties. Here’s a sample wherein the issue panel will only be displayed when issue type is either Story or Bug.

    - key: ihello-world-panel
      function: main
      title: iForge App for Ian
          - Story
          - Bug

Do try it out and let us know how it goes.


Great thanks for this :slight_smile: Anyway to remove the button and always have this active?

You’re welcome. Did it work for you?

Can you clarify what you want to achieve here?


Yep that worked for me

I wanted to remove the button to display the UI on the Issue panel and always have my table displaying

Hi @BrandonWilliams ,

Using the image above as reference, if you are referring to removing the button (1) while retaining the panel contents (2), then currently that is not supported.