Forge UI Kit lookup Text Field (JSM)

I would like to have a text field on my request portal where the user types in a value ( ID of something for example).

I would like to then call out to a rest api and display info to the user as a way of validating that the ID they typed is correct.

I would then like to copy the ID of that value to a custom-field as a post-function or ideally reference that custom field in my UI Kit.

Is this possible at all in Forge?

Can I use a PortalRequestDetail with CustomField type and have this value submitted?

Hi James, this should be possible with a useState hook and the PortalRequestDetail component which takes an array of UI Kit components as shown here

Hope this helps. Let me know how you go!

Hi Beau, thank you for the response.

I should clarify I misread PortalRequestDetail, I thought this would be displayed when a customer was creating a new request.

Is there a way to display a custom field when a customer is creating a new request from the portal?

Unfortunately it seems like it isn’t based on this ticket [FRGE-778] - Ecosystem Jira :frowning: