Forge UI kit Provider oauth2 error in authorization due to state bytes size more than 500 bytes

I am trying to authorize with Dropbox APIs via the Forge UI Kit Provider auth type oauth2.
Getting the error from Dropbox (“state”: must be at most 500 characters, got 612).
So the size of state being sent from Atlassian is more than 500 Byte the max allowed by Dropbox.

Please any idea or help urgently on this?


Hi @KobikTech,

Yes, unfortunately that is a limitation of our oauth implementation, where the state variable is too long for dropbox.

This is something we are aware of, and will let you know if a fix becomes available in the future.


Thanks @MichaelCooper,
Please do we have any ticket to track for the development status.

There was no public ticket, only an internal one, but I have created a public one now: [FRGE-781] - Ecosystem Jira

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Thanks @MichaelCooper ,
Your help and support is much appreciated.

Hi @MichaelCooper ,

Hope all is good.

Please note that we’d seen the related ticket FRGE-781 set as resolved, while the issue still exist.
Can you please help us to understand how to test this.

Kobik Tech Team

Hi @KobikTech,
Sorry about that, the ticket has been re-opened.
Thanks for reaching out!

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Thank you @MichaelCooper,

Your support is much appreciated.

Kobik Tech Team