Forge vs Connect for Diagramming app


I am trying to integrate a diagramming app with confluence. I am new to this platform so right now I am exploring how to integrate. So far I have done a few experiments with the Forge app and I have few questions related to this. I am not sure I can achieve everything via the Forge app. I am yet to explore the connect app.

I want a similar user experience as the app.

  1. The user types /some_macro_cmd then I want to show a pop up from where I can get a user input for example diagram name. There is also a cancel button there, if the user cancels then the macro should be removed
  2. In the edit mode, if the user clicks on the edit button of the macro then I should be able to show a full screen view of the diagram editor.

Since I am integrating the app instead of developing it from scratch for Atlassian, I am considering the custom UI.

I did not find a way to show a pop up when the user inserts a macro. The related thing I can see in the doc is the show Modal ( But I’m not sure how to show a modal when the user inserts the macro. Also I did not find a way to remove the macro if the user clicks the cancel button the modal.

For showing the diagram editor, I do not see any way to show the custom UI for the diagram editor when users click the edit button of the macro in the edit mode. I can find this in the doc but this can be achieved only using UI Kit and not by custom UI. Also I cannot find any way to show this in the full screen.

I do not see how I can achieve my requirement using the Forge app. Should I be exploring the connect app?

Editing the diagram from touch based devices (Android / iOS)

The diagram app I am going to integrate also runs on mobile devices and current users of the app like the mobile app experience. So I want to make sure the diagram inserted into the confluence page should be also editable via mobile devices. For this I am thinking that the mobile app can authenticate using OAuth and can fetch the diagram associated with a confluence page and edit and update again to the confluence page. Let me know if this is supported. I am not sure how a mobile app can authenticate using oauth. Is there any SDK for Android/iOS. Otherwise I can think of popping up a browser from the mobile app to start the oauth flow.

Try using Connect. You can simply host whatever you need in an iframe. No constraints.

I can’t see Forge being an easy path for you needs at this point.

Also, no support for Forge on mobile at this moment.

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