Forge warns about Node LTS, despite being on Node LTS

I tried to use forge create, and it warns about the node version.

Update Node.js from version v18.12.0 to an LTS release to continue using Forge CLI.
Learn more about LTS releases at 

Forge is at version 6.0.0. Node at v18.12.0, which is the LTS according to the nodejs website. And I downloaded explicitly that version.

Is the a way to suppress this message?



I have the same question. I think, the issue is that node.js 18.x just became LTS (2022-10-25) and this is not updated in Forge CLI yet.

A workaround could be to use node.js 16.x for the moment and wait for the updated Forge CLI version (if you have no issues to use node.js 16 and no issues to wait ;)).

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I could only install @forge/cli 4.0.0 using both 16.x and 18.x of node on a fresh Debian system. So this is a major bug right now that Atlassian needs to address.

As of now Forge (6.3.0) supports Node 18.

@BM_50 - is there a reason you’re trying to install such an old version?

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I didn’t want to, that is all npm was letting me do at that time. This has since been resolved.