Form error message in UI Kit 2

I am using <Form> from UI kit 2.

I am looking for the right way to render error message from onSubmit in the form e.g. below the respective input field or a general error message for the form. See screenshot how it is rendered in Releases tab in standard Jira. Using <Text> does not allow me to define the font color.

How can I create such an error message using UI kit 2 for a form?


Hi @Holger,
You’re right, at the moment it’s not possible to render a custom error message like the one in the form above using UI Kit.
Have you considered displaying an error using a Section message?

When using <SectionMessage> the rendering is very huge and not according to Atlassian Design Guidelines.

Maybe from a layout perspective you could use <SectionMessage> for a general message at the beginning of a form, but not on individual form fields I would say.

More useful would be a UI 2 Kit component like <TextRed>. How can I raise feature requests for UI 2 kit? I have some more feedback for <Table> and <ModalDialog>.

It is strange and very optimistic to implement <Form> component without a concept for error messages I think. And afaik it is the same issue UI kit, so not only UI kit 2 preview.

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I understand. Thanks for the feedback Holger, I’ll pass it on to the UI Kit 2 team so they can track it as a feature request.

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I created a suggestion here. Feel free to vote.