Free cloud instances for development but not really free

Hello dear community,

I have created a developer instance *** through but after a while Jira Software subscription is asking me to give a credit card due 7.02.2020 . After a while all my subsrciption items has been asking for a credit card to pay for a standard plan.

Now my instance has been migrated to a free plan (from a standard) which ruins my development of advanced features and testing (lack of permission).

We have other (older) dev instances in company, needed for other development pipelines and there we have a standard plans without credit card needed. In those instances we do can change project permissions or check our apps validity against anonymous access.

Is this is a desired flow? Should I create every month a new instance now for a free dev on a fully featured instance for testing how my app behave when anonymous access is enabled (which is not possible to enable on a free plan).

Or is it a bug?

Check why it’s trying to bill you. More than likely you added a user and they ended up being a JSD agent. Or there are some paid apps (according to the system).