Frontend error reporting in Jira Server app using

Hi everyone,

In my Jira Server app I’d like to monitor the frontend for any errors on client side.

There are probably many services which help to achieve what I need. I decided to investigate in more details. My frontend stack is based on React.js and webpack (just for more context)

There are two main things which Sentry helps you with:

  1. it automatically catches all unhandled exceptions

  2. you can post custom events back to Sentry e.g. in catch block

When I started testing the integration with Sentry I noticed that I seems can’t prevent it skipping exceptions from other apps installed on the same Jira instance. As a result I got the errors which I don’t want and shouldn’t know about. E.g. in my dev Jira one of my other apps keeps bugging me ) While that’s fine in dev, but not what’s acceptable on Client Jira.

It would be very interesting to know what you do in terms of frontend error logging for Jira Server apps, any approaches, third-party or in-house services etc.

Thank you!

Hi @vasiliy.krokha,

In general it is recommended to avoid any sort of data gathering for server products. If you really want to do this, you should disable it by default and make it configurable. Or at least make sure that the customer is notified an can disable it. In general, customers don’t like add-ons that ‘phone home’.

Having said that, you can still use if you A) do not call the Raven.install() method (which registers as a global exception handler), but instead implement your own error handling and simply call Raven.captureException(). This should enable you to only have issues for your own add-on in your Sentry environment.



Hi @remie,

Thanks a lot for your feedback and suggestions!