Frontend-mirror broken?

The mirror to atlassian-frontend hasn’t been updated for almost 4 weeks. For the past 31 months, daily updates happened reliably every work day. A problem with the pipeline, perhaps?


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Thanks mate I’ll forward this on for us to take a look.

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We also realized that the mirror does not get updated anymore. Can we expect a fix soon?


We’re approaching 2 months since Atlassian stopped publishing Atlaskit source, and enquiries are unanswered. It would be great to hear from Atlassian about what’s up.

The frontend-mirror hasn’t been updated since mid-November. Since that time, installing Atlaskit packages via npm yields versions built with more recent but publicly unavailable source code. In other words, if your CI pipeline is building with Atlaskit packages today, you don’t have the source code for that build, and you don’t have the ability to debug, fork, or patch it.

Interpretations of “open source” notwithstanding, there are hard realities that go straight to the bottom line. We sell to Atlassian customers in financial services sectors that are bound by regulation to verify licenses for all open source code before installation. Open source software for which source code is unavailable is disqualified. Moreover, software vendors in our sector are required to indemnify our customers around this issue. So, Atlaskit packages published later than Nov 20, 2023, along with any Atlassian software based on these packages, are rejected by customers.

Clear direction from Atlassian at this point is in the interest of all stakeholders.


Thanks for your patience, and thanks for raising this!

Updates have started flowing into the mirror repository again:

I’m checking with the team who looks after this process to see if they have any further information to share.


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