G Suite mails showing "Be careful with this message"

Hi there,

We added the Outbound IPs as per this documentation https://confluence.atlassian.com/cloud/atlassian-cloud-ip-ranges-and-domains-744721662.html

However we still recieve the notification as in the image below on our G Suite mails coming from Jira.

Please see image here

Please advise on where the issue sits here? We also understand that some IP ranges are from SendGrid’s infrastructure and we cannot add those additional IPs to whitelist Sendgrid as that could potentially whitelist spam or other Sendgrid customer emails (which we do not want to explicitly do).

We use and will be using Jira Cloud, Software and Service Desk only - and would like to ensure all those mails and response do come through valiated.

Thank you

Hi @YatishMadhav, as this community is for developing on top of the Atlassian Platform this is probably not the right channel to ask this question and get a response.

A better channel for these types of administration questions is on the Atlassian User Community


Hi @rwhitbeck - OK, I was wondering if that was a concern. OK thanks, I will create a post there and link to this one. Thank you