Gadget development inside Jira Development Environment

Hey guys.

I worked through the tutorial to create my first gadget

Furthermore, I successfully deployed my first plugin in my development instance following

No my gadget runs in localhost which is obviously very slow.
I wonder how I can manage to apply my developed gadget into the development instance provided by jira.

Many thanks!

Hi @ChristianGrner,

the first link you’ve posted is for Jira server, the second one for cloud. I cannot quite follow on which platform you are. If you developed a cloud app, then you would need to host it somewhere, e.g. AWS, GCP, Azure or any other cloud provider / hosting of your choice. If you developed a server app, then you just upload the created jar file in your Jira instance.

Hi Dennis,

this is actually quite confusing. I want to build a Dashboard gadget for JIRA Cloud.
But all I am finding is tutorials which are based on Jira Server, e.g. the one from above.

As I you might be interested in helping me… Maybe it would be a first step to help me get some clarity in the situation…:
What would be the right approach to try to develop a gadget that I can use in JIRA cloud?


Hi @ChristianGrner,

you want to create a Dashboard Item.

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Hey Dennis.fischer,

this might seem ridiculous but I acutally informed myself and I want to create a gadget for a jira server.

Do you by any chance have a good entry point to start gadget development (e.g., access to the source code of a function gadget beside the one provided by the tutorial)?


Hi @ChristianGrner,

no problem. Have a look at: and
Based on the doumentation, you probably want to write a dashboard item as well. Dashboard Items will eventually replace gadgets.

There’s a tutorial for dashboard items:

And for Gadgets is a good starting point.

Hey Dennis,

i actually went through those tutorials/doc already. Honestly, I did not manage to package my gadget inside an atlassian plugin, but this seems like necessary step 17 and I am more at step 2.

I think what really help is some source code of an working gadget. Do you by any chance have access to that? Google search does not really help. :confused:


@ChristianGrner I followed this tutorial and it was pretty straight forward. Sometimes the compile was a little quirky but I got through it. It uses a local instance of Jira which is helpful but I have not figured out how to upload my gadget to our Jira Server instance.

I’ve followed this tutorial as well but I’m stuck at Step 5 Setup a REST Resource. That paragraph confuses me. It says that developing a REST resource is beyond the scope of the tutorial but then says:

but there is another tutorial for doing so: Writing REST services. We’ll use an updated version of the resource developed in that tutorial in our app. See the REST tutorial to learn how to set up your REST resource for this gadget (or just copy the REST stuff from this tutorial’s sample code).

So are they saying I have to go follow that tutorial and set up the REST resource that describes and then somehow make that tutorial understand the REST resources required by the gadget tutorial? Am I developing two plugins - the REST resource and the gadget or is the REST resource included in the gadget plugin?

It feels like they whitewashed this whole step and I don’t understand what I’m supposed to do here.

I went ahead and built the gadget and deployed it. I could add it to a dashboard but, as expected, it didn’t work and showed an error (because there’s no REST resource I guess).