GDPR: no avatar in /rest/api/2/user/picker response


In GDPR mode(given ‘x-atlassian-force-account-id’:true in request headers),
the response of ‘/rest/api/2/user/picker?showAvatar=true&query=xxx’ doesn’t include any avatars.

But for example, /rest/api/2/user/assignable/search returns the response which includes avatars.

Does anyone know how to make avatars include in the response of /user/picker?


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Hello @abe.kenichi,

Based on REST API migration guide, the user object for /user/picker changed and does not include avatarUrl (

As for /user/assignable/search, the user object still contains avatarUrl (

Hope this helps.

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Thanks, @iragudo.

I wonder why only /assignable/search returns avatars…

It would like /user/picker to do as same.

It may be a defect.


I missed to update this post about the public-facing issue raised. Thank you for pointing it out.

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