General Availability Announcement - Confluence 8.2

Hey @Wendy & team,

Please can we get updates on the DC announcement channel for Confluence version general availability.
We appreciate that you are keeping us posted about EAPs & Betas but since Confluence Docs can no longer be watched there’s a gap in comms about releases.



This question has been asked several times now in different threads and places (mine here). We really need an answer.

It’s awkward that the former notification method has been disabled with no working alternative and no one responding to our requests to repair this.


I’m not with Atlassian, but there’s an RSS feed you can use here. Patch this into your Slack and you’re done. But I agree it would be nice if this were documented somewhere.


Thanks for that. However, I’m not sure what “patch this into your Slack” means.

Still hoping for an email based info feed, as that’s so simple to redistribute.


Found this and hope I’ve set it up successfully.

Came here to say the same. Atlassian explicitly say (on here Confluence Release Notes | Confluence Data Center and Server 8.2 | Atlassian Documentation) that the way to be informed about new releases now is to subscribe to the Announcements forum category - and yet they are not posting updates there. Same for the Jira DC announcements category.

Thanks for the RSS feed, @scott.dudley . You haven’t managed to find one for Jira have you (I tried a few obvious paths)?

It’s kind of weird, to say the least, to replace the existing and working announcement channel by a new one that doesn’t work at all, and then not even react to requests to solve this issue. And instead let their partners guess work-arounds.

I’d really appreciate to see Atlassian post some reply.

Thanks for the RSS feed, @scott.dudley . You haven’t managed to find one for Jira have you (I tried a few obvious paths)?

For Jira, try

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Just found more here:

Hi @dlindsay we’re looking into the situation and hope to improve things soon. We are likely to explore a different direction than the DC announcement channel on the developer community since we’re planning to migrate many of our product announcement channels over to Changelogs.

We’ll work to close the communication gap as quickly as we can and will communicate through the Confluence DC announcements category either way once we have the situation resolved with either solution (announcement category or changelog)


Great, thanks so much for the update @amardesich.

On a related note, it appears that existing new release RSS feeds mentioned here do not actually work with the Slack RSS integration I suggested above.

Although the corresponding new software releases are shown correctly in the raw RSS feed, the updates never seem to get posted to the Slack channel. Perhaps this is due to the absence of dates in the feed?

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Thanks for noting this. I also noticed that is doesn’t work, and was just about to start investigating what mistake I had made configuring it.

I checked with Slack why the RSS feed won’t work with their app. They told me that their app won’t pull in any new items without at least one of these tags present: <pubdate> , <issued> <modified> , <updated> , <dc:date >, or <published>

…and Atlassian doesn’t include any of them.

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