Generating a REST client for Confluence Cloud

A while back, we published a tutorial showing how to generate a REST client for Jira Cloud using swagger codegen. Many of you told us that you found it helpful and asked for a tutorial showing the same process for Confluence Cloud.
We’re happy to share that we’ve posted Generating a Java REST Client for Confluence Cloud on the Atlassian Developer Blog—which, you’ve guessed it—walks through the process of generating a REST API client for Confluence.
If any questions come up, post them here in this thread. And if you’ve experimented with this process for any other languages, let us know how it went and share what you learned.


Hi Ben,
it seems that ContentBodyExpandable is not generated:

public class ContentBody {

private ContentBodyExpandable _expandable = null;

Therefore ContentBody shows several errors:

ContentBodyExpandable cannot be resolved to a type

And indeed there is not such a class file.
Also ContentCreateSpace from your main method is missing.

Hi there @axelroeber . Yes I see what you mean. Let me follow that up with the Confluence team.

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