Generic internal ApplicationUser object

Hey community,

I want to trigger an issue transition with my plugin when it detects the appropriate incoming webhook. I can extract the issue key form this webhook, but not a registered jira user. To find the issue object and do the transition, I would use issueService. The problem is that issueService requires an ApplicationUser object to authorize its methods.

So the question is, is there an internal/generic user with correct permissions I retrieve programmatically?

There is not a generic or system user, no.

If you would like to retrieve an issue without respecting permissions, you can go lower-level to the IssueManager class.

You won’t be able to create/update/delete without either an account or ensuring that the application/project has anonymous permissions enabled though.

I would like to use this for a File Export, so I only need read Permissions.

But I don’t know how to get the IDs to the Issues, without respecting permissions. Because the SearchService for example wants an ApplicationUser as Context to search.

I was wondering if you (or anyone else here) has an Idea how to get around that.

SearchService.searchOverrideSecurity(ApplicationUser searcher, Query query, PagerFilter pager) should do you just fine, right?

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Yeah, worked great, somehow I overlooked that, but I already got that Answer in another thread.
Thank you anyways though.

I just forgot to post that here, sorry.

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