Get a finer grained scope model for rights to access users' repositories

Hi everyone!

We develop an app for Bitbucket Cloud.

As our app needs to get access to our users’ repositories, we ask users to grant the READ access to the app. This level of access allows us to clone repositories which we don’t need to get. We could work with fewer rights to access repos.

From time to time, we face some negative feedback from our customers about providing us with the ability to clone repositories which prevents them from using the app due to their companies’ restrictions. In addition to it, getting such a high level of access can be of a potential risk to us which we could avoid if we got less right for it.

What we’d like to have is the ability to ask for less access from our users.

If you face the same issue, please, feel free to share your case in the thread so Atlassian team could gather feedback on whether this feature is needed or not.

Hi @AnastasiaVoronova

I have reached out to the product team. They should get back to you soon.


Hi @aagrawal2
Thank you! I appreciate it.