Get actions card with actions_before is not working

Hello everyone, I have an issue with the API action card regarding the actions_before property. The API response returns the all day, unlike expected, which should only be before the actions_before date 2024-03-01.,createCard&actions_entities=true&actions_display=true&fields=id,name,idOrganization,shortLink,idMemberCreator,url,desc&actions_limit=50&key=API_KEY&token=API_TOKEN&actions_before=2024-03-01

Hello @TrnKhang

I have just replicated that issue. If I provide any date value for the actions_before parameter, it has no effect on the search results and all the actions are returned:



    "id": "602786e91c69d30e45a9ccd8",
    "name": "Sunny's tasks",
    "actions": [
            "id": "65fe0acae0f0ea6391b1a4a3",
            "date": "2024-03-22T22:48:42.155Z",  <-- This date is NOT before 2020-01-01
            "memberCreator": {
                "id": "5f935b218574e6316bd7d97a",
                "activityBlocked": false,
                "avatarHash": "167785915b547a3b1cd111fef9b3280b",
                "fullName": "David Bakkers",
                "idMemberReferrer": "5f9359b38c736248dd69488a",
                "initials": "DB",
                "nonPublic": {},
                "nonPublicAvailable": true,
                "username": "davidbakkers"

The actions_since parameter is working fine.

I’d suggest you log this as a bug with Atlassian… but there is no formal developer’s bug logging process for Trello, just submitting it via the Contact Support page. :slight_smile:

Hi all,

Thanks for sending information regarding the actions_before parameter. We were able to replicate it and created this bug ticket including a workaround until this gets fixed:

We have recently updated our bug tracking process that is aligned with other Atlassian products which is why you are now able to see Trello bugs and feature suggestions here:

I would also encourage you to visit that bug, login with your Atlassian account, and click Start watching this issue on the right panel. That way, when the ticket is updated by our development team, you’ll be notified via email.

There’s a number of factors that determine how Atlassian prioritizes bugfixes. You can learn more about this by reading the Atlassian Cloud Bug Fix Policy

If you have any questions about the bug report, any additional information about the bug you would like to share, or any comments on our bug fixing policy, please let us know in that ticket.

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