Get actions card with actions_before is not working

Hello everyone, I have an issue with the API action card regarding the actions_before property. The API response returns the all day, unlike expected, which should only be before the actions_before date 2024-03-01.,createCard&actions_entities=true&actions_display=true&fields=id,name,idOrganization,shortLink,idMemberCreator,url,desc&actions_limit=50&key=API_KEY&token=API_TOKEN&actions_before=2024-03-01

Hello @TrnKhang

I have just replicated that issue. If I provide any date value for the actions_before parameter, it has no effect on the search results and all the actions are returned:



    "id": "602786e91c69d30e45a9ccd8",
    "name": "Sunny's tasks",
    "actions": [
            "id": "65fe0acae0f0ea6391b1a4a3",
            "date": "2024-03-22T22:48:42.155Z",  <-- This date is NOT before 2020-01-01
            "memberCreator": {
                "id": "5f935b218574e6316bd7d97a",
                "activityBlocked": false,
                "avatarHash": "167785915b547a3b1cd111fef9b3280b",
                "fullName": "David Bakkers",
                "idMemberReferrer": "5f9359b38c736248dd69488a",
                "initials": "DB",
                "nonPublic": {},
                "nonPublicAvailable": true,
                "username": "davidbakkers"

The actions_since parameter is working fine.

I’d suggest you log this as a bug with Atlassian… but there is no formal developer’s bug logging process for Trello, just submitting it via the Contact Support page. :slight_smile: