Get "Affects test execution" issue link JIRA

Hello everyone, how are you?

I need some help getting an API endpoint for Zephyr.

In JIRA I have the following:

I have one issue which has 2 issue links. The first one, the “Related to”, I can get it normally from this endpoint:

https://jira.forge.****.com/rest/api/2/issue/3346427 (Just in case Im taking away the name of the server)

But in the other ones, the “Affects Test Executio…”, I am not getting the information in that EndPoint. It seems this relationship is not inward nor outwards, so its not appearing there.

Where can I get and EndPoint with this information? Do you know?

Also, I believe its related to this:

I am also looking for the information related to Test Cases:

  1. Test cases info: Execution
  2. Test cases info: Status

Do you know which EndPoint could I use? Where do I get this info?