Get all custom fields and values

Hi, how do I get a list of custom field and their allowable values using REST, if it has those?

I know about createMeta but it isn’t any good because not all custom fields are on the create screen

I know about editMeta but that also isn’t any good. You need to supply an issue id, which there may not be for new projects. Also, if my understanding is correct, you can have different fields for different issue types so I’d have to try and search a project for issues of each issue type.

There is also “/rest/api/2/field” but this doesn’t return allowable values.

There are a couple of other APIs which look like they may help aren’t for custom fields ("/rest/api/3/field/{fieldKey}/option" and “/rest/api/3/customFieldOption/{id}”)

Any ideas?

Unfortunately, there is simply no rest API for that.

We are aware of this shortcoming. Indeed, there is an open ticket for the custom field option management API ( that we are planning to start working on soon. I encourage you to add it to your watchlist.


Thanks @david2, @kkercz